From Dark Depression To Happy and Joyful

Will ChouThis is a guest post by Will Chou, a young man who shares many of my passions and daily disciplines as you will see in this article. Enjoy!

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. – Dalai Lama

I was lost in a dark world. In fact, the sky was dark too. And it just so happened that the music I was listening to switched to a dark song, Imagine Dragons’s It’s Time.

Now, that probably sounds pretty dramatic and I’m not really a dramatic guy, but that was the actual environment I was in. I was walking to my university’s diner to get a late dinner after a long night of studying. I had depression.
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The Slight Edge Report: Year Four

This is my yearly The Slight Edge report. I post such a report every year on the anniversary of reading this awesome book.
Living The Slight Edge

Personal finances

On the finance front, income has reduced and expenses have gone up. The progress was visible, however unsatisfied.

Last year I bragged how much I managed to save. Sadly, we spent almost everything on house renovation. Right now, we have only $2,500 in our savings account and most of it is reserved for recurrent payments, like buying coal, paying for curbside collection once per quarter, car repairs and so on.
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Goals 2015 Revisited

Goals 2015
Everything affects each other. I will slightly alter the order of goals for the purpose of this analysis, so it will be presented in more coherent way.
Let’s start from the goal #2, because its execution affected others.

#2 Quit my job.

To quit my job I need to increase my income from online ventures. First and foremost: sell more books. I decided that I need a subgoal for that – publishing a dozen books in 2015. It didn’t work out as planned…
Heck, I published only seven books, including one very short (and free, so it doesn’t bring income directly) and one co-authored (so it required less workload).
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Bulletproof Health and Fitness

This is how my new book starts. I shared this introduction in the authors’ group on Facebook:

Bulletproof Health and Fitness
Any improvement you can make in the functioning of your body improves your well-being.

You may wonder about my qualifications. I’m neither a personal trainer nor a bodybuilder. I’m neither vegan nor diet specialist. I’m an ordinary guy who takes care of his body among a multitude of duties all of us have: job, family, church, and more. In my job, I spend four hours a day commuting and eight hours a day sitting behind a desk.

I’m male. I’m 36 years old. Let’s check out my body and my health. I am 5’5” tall (shorter than average). I weigh about 143 lbs. I can do 147 consecutive push-ups or 30 archer’s push-ups on one arm. My record is 46 consecutive chin-ups and 43 consecutive pull-ups. I’ve heard that’s quite an extraordinary performance for someone training without weights for only 15 minutes a day.
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You Are Free

You are freeTurning your life around is free

You don’t need an online course for this. You don’t need a coach. You don’t need an accountability buddy. You don’t need money.

All you need to change your life is already provided for free.

You have the air
You can breathe. Without this free resource you would’ve suffocated; and a corpse obviously can’t change its life.

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Money Mindset: Can Just $60 Transform It?

Money mindset changed by $60
On Wednesday the 10th of September, my wife’s salary was transferred to our bank account. In the first 9 months of 2015, we earned more than in the whole 2014. To be accurate 6.6% more.

I attribute it all to the 60 dollars I saved in September 2012.

I bet you are a bit disoriented by that statement. I am still a bit stunned by how just 60 dollars could multiply into thousands of dollars.
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