Master Your Time in 10 Minutes a Day launches tomorrow!

I am so excited to announce that my latest book officially launches on Amazon Kindle tomorrow, Tuesday, January 28th! It will be on free promotion until Friday, January 31st! A lot of work has gone into writing the book and getting the word out, but it has all been worth it because I am so passionate about sharing this message. I just wanted to give you another brief look into the book and a reminder about the launch.

Why kill yourself in your daily life?

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Time Management – The Sand-Grains Method

The following post is a sneak peek into my latest book, Master Your Time in 10 Minutes a Day, which officially launched on Amazon Kindle Free Promotion on January 28th.

Master Your Time in 10 Minutes a Day
This post discusses content found in Chapter 11 – THE SAND GRAINS METHOD. This article is not an excerpt from the book, but rather, a brief discussion of the concept as Amazon is pretty stringent about content from books being published elsewhere online, even if it is your own content.

Please enjoy the following article. If you would like to sign up to receive updates on the launch and a reminder when it is available for FREE DOWNLOAD, sign up at the bottom of the article.

Increasing your “Productivity Density”

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My latest ebook, "Master Your Time in 10 Minutes A Day" launches soon!

Time management. Few concepts are so necessary, yet so dreaded. Volumes of information have been written about the topic, yet so many people still go through life scattered, stressed and stretched thin by the daily grind.
Too many of the books and courses on time management are full of vague advice and theory. That is why I set out to write a concise, specific book detailing how I reclaimed my time. Master Your Time in 10 Minutes a Day” outlines the actions and habits I undertook in my most productive and fulfilling year to date.
In just a few short weeks, the book will launch, and I am so excited for the life-changing potential that it has. I believe so strongly in its power, that I want you to have it for free! (More on that in just a bit)

Your dreams can coexist with your life!

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Stop Junk Mail! A simple method to get rid of spam using an email management system


In February 2013, nearly 70% of all email traffic around the world was spam and phishing. Sadly, this number remains fairly stable throughout the months and years.

There seems to be no pattern for the spammed mailboxes. You can have two mailboxes from the same provider, the same strategy for protecting your privacy and at the same time one of them is infected by spam and the other is not. So you can’t count on your privacy strategy alone.
I proactively fight off spam in my mailbox and I need just a couple of minutes each day to do that. Let me share my method and check out if it would work for you.
It’s not just an anti-spam strategy; it’s the whole mail management system as well.
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