Start Right Now

Start Right Now
Babson College’s performed an extensive research on their graduates. This longitudinal study went for 13 years to determine how many of college graduates launch a business and what differentiates them from their peers who didn’t. The study concluded that success in business comes down to just two essential things: get going and keep going.

That’s the recipe for success in any area. Both the above elements are tricky. They are found to be simple in theory, but not easy to execute.

Part of my personal philosophy is the belief that if I don’t try, I won’t know the results. I will always wonder, “What if?”

Start Right Now to Expand Your Possibilities

When I started thinking about writing, publishing and getting paid for my work in this area, I had no idea that such a thing like Amazon even existed.
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Fourteenth Income Report – May 2014

Are you curious about a one-year delay? I explained it in my first income report.

May 2014 was quite uneventful.
Fourteenth Income Report May 2014
Well, there were some fireworks. On 9th of May my post about a rock star from UK was noticed on Twitter by one of his fans and then retweeted. I got several retweets by people with followings that numbered in thousands. I got the surge of visits on my blog… and then my website provider encountered some technical problems. The site went down.

But it’s not the end of the story. The next day I found this in my Twitter feed:

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The Accurate Future Reading without Woo-Woo

slight-edge2Here is the method of the accurate future reading. It’s relatively easy and quite reliable.

Even better, you can decide if you like your destiny and adjust your action to change your life’s direction and in the effect – its destination.

You can do it using The Slight Edge philosophy. Take a look at the chart and I’ll explain it.

The author of the book, Jeff Olson, states that your lifestyle is the product of your results which come from actions which eventuates from your attitude which are the effect of your personal philosophy. Only 5% of population achieves success, because only 5% is driven by their values on an everyday actions level.

They embrace the discipline and responsibility for their lives. The rest of us decide to rather do what’s comfortable now and don’t care about the future fallouts. That’s the way of the downward curve, which leads to failure.

Why this idea is revolutionizing and made this book a bestseller? Because success and failure boil down to the simple things you do every day. And they all are small, easy to do and easy not to do.

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How to Write a Personal Mission Statement?

How to write a personal mission statementIt seems to be the single most searched phrase regarding the matter of personal mission statement, not “what is it?”, not “how it works” and not “why it works”.

I suppose it’s because Stephen R. Covey had quite a good way of explaining how it works, what and why in “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.
In contrast, the part about writing your own mission statement wasn’t as brilliant as the rest. His collaborators tried to fill that gap by publishing “How to Develop Your Personal Mission Statement” after his death, but this work is skewed towards “what and why” too.

Of course my opinion is biased, because I also wrote a book about creating your personal mission statement. But other readers share my point of view.

Anyway. I‘ll explain to you in less than 1000 words how to write a personal mission statement. It is easy. It is less about writing, really, than about analyzing yourself.
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Your Life Has a Meaning p. II

The most effective way I know to Begin with the End in Mind is to develop a personal mission statement or philosophy or creed.
-Stephen R. Covey

Why is it important to Begin with the End in Mind? Let’s face it—because there is an End. It is how this world functions. You have been inexorably approaching the moment of your death since you were born.

Mr. Covey gave a few thousand words to explain why you should keep the End in your mind. I would have to quote him extensively to explain it as well as he did, however, Google doesn’t like quoting.
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Transform Your Body; Transform Your Life.

transform your body transform your life

I think that what hiders us most, you and me both, is hidden in our own minds. The external circumstances don’t determine your standings in life. You know this. You can pretend otherwise, but in the depths of your heart you know better. You use the excuses to abstain from action.

The way to see this truth clearly is really simple. Just think of your biggest obstacle, your biggest fear or doubt.

Then think of someone who had the same obstacle or fear and overcame it. Or better yet, think about someone whose obstacle was twice as big as yours.
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To be like James Arthur

One day my wife showed me a YouTube video that inspired the heck out of me.
James Arthur, a young unemployed guy from Middlesbrough,
took part in the X-Factor competition and he sang his soul out. This performance blew me away. I really recommend you watch it. The actual performance is between 3:34 and 5:55.

I could rant for hours about how shallow and empty the music industry is nowadays, but I won’t. James Arthur reminded me what the art really stands for.

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Personal Mission Statement – 4 Good Reasons to Create Yours

Reportedly, only 3% of Americans have their goals stated and written down. So, there is a question, which came first; the chicken or the egg?

Are the top 3% people of society successful because they wrote their goals down, or is it just the habit of the 3% “best” of us?

Well, there has been researche done on this topic, which tries to discover a correlation between goals writing and success. In the case of personal mission statements there is no such conducted.

And having a personal mission statement is even more elite than having your goals written down. On the other hand, there were millions of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People copies sold and this is the book which popularized the concept. So, having a personal mission statement is not as rare as having a unicorn in your stables.

What the heck it is?

A personal mission statement is your philosophy, your creed written down.
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Your Life Has a Meaning p. I

Discover it

In God’s plan, every man is born to seek self-fulfillment, for every human life is called to some task by God.
Populorum Progressio, 15

You’ve heard it right. Every one of us has a task to do on this planet. You are not so unique to be different from the rest of humanity in this regard. And it’s up to you to detect and fulfill your purpose.

Logotherapy – the science behind purpose

Victor Frankl, the author of a psychology school called Logotherapy, spent a good part of his life provingthe above words of Paul VI. He was a scientist, a professor; he had a great mind. I can’t describe his theory and the way he constructed it and the load of data supporting his point of view in one blog post, no matter how expanded. There is a multitude of volumes written about the subject.
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