Text Me! Book Review

I enjoyed “Text Me!” very much. I’m in a good position to judge the content, because Kevin Kruse is doing the exact thing I’m doing. Only he is doing it much better.
I’m a practitioner of what is taught in “Text Me!,” but I still managed to find numerous value bombs inside.

It is a very rare case when I simply cannot criticize a single thing about the book. Everything is perfect.
The book is short, but it does it good. Kevin didn’t have to fill paper with string of words because his publisher wanted a thick book. He said what he had to say in a concise format, but he covered the topic fully and in some depth.

First, the author preach the value of personal attention, Intimate Attention–as he called it–in a modern world of shallow or fake connections. For me, he preached to the converted, but if you really think that more followers and bigger email list are better (than a small and engaged list), you NEED to read this book.

I liked how Kevin mentioned many times the best practices of people we consider ‘too big to bother’ with personal connections with their followers. Multimillionaires, billionaires, rock stars, and other high profile folks are crushing it, one person at a time and story after story from the rich arsenal of stories confirmed that.

I found very useful the part about how big is each social media and for which particular demographics they work best. Kevin also very aptly described the current trends (“most Tweets [my own included] are automated click bait”).

Intimate Attention

I loved the glimpses into Kevin’s personal way of dealing with the Intimate Attention system in his own business. This is what I love the most about independent authors—they share their experience, not write textbooks. This is so important. A coaching platform with millions users mined their data and found that people who “have been there and done that” have FOUR times better chances to teach you a new skill, habit, or knowledge than ‘certified’ or ‘qualified’ coaches.

Kevin Kruse walks his talk and he is only a few steps ahead of me—an ideal role model.
And his lessons on how he deals with trolls, beggars, or complainers were enlightening.

The Value of Consistency

The real key isn’t volume, but rather consistency.

Kevin is absolutely right. I do in my business exactly the way he does. I reply to each email and message on social media.

But by no means, do I do it in the systematic way he does. I have no fixed schedule nor appropriate processes. And it shows.

I have 350 followers on Medium, 1900 on Quora, 650 on Twitter, and my email list consists of 1,300 names. His numbers are about 10 times better, because his consistency is 10 times better.

Pointing the Finger

I absolutely loved the honest way Kevin pointed out businesses and individuals who don’t walk their talk. Kevin paid thousands of dollars for product and services, but it meant close to nothing to providers. When he asked for contribution to his book, he got canned refusals.

I remember writing an article for Firepole Marketing in the same spirit three years ago. I pointed out businesses that assured on their websites that they reply to all messages and inquires. Some of them replied only to those that involved money. In most cases, their declarations were empty and I heard nothing back.

Firepole Marketing rejected my article, because “it reads too much like a rant—particularly in the mention of other bloggers and what they do.”

Well—unlike Firepole Marketing—Kevin wasn’t afraid to call the king naked.

Right Role Models

I also loved the part of the book with highly successful people’s mini-interviews. It provided more insight and perspectives about how Intimate Attention can be cultivated on different platforms.

I also noticed that every single one of those successful people said it was good for their business. Your Intimate Attention translates into money.

The Style

I’m a reader. I have read thousands of books in my life including about 1,000 non-fiction books. And I can tell you—Kevin Kruse is a great author. He knows how to write good books.

The content is actually useful and functional. Kevin illustrated practically every point in “Text Me!” with a story and this is the most effective method to leave a mark in readers’ memory.

When he jokes, he is really witty. I laughed out loud when he explained why giving his book the title “Intimate Attention” wasn’t the best idea.

When he demonstrated vulnerability sharing one of the stories of interaction with his reader, I cried with him.


After reading “Text Me!,” I’m seriously considering to dedicate an hour a day to connect with my audience.

True—I’m not in Kevin’s position yet; I don’t work full time in my own business. But if I truly want to grow it beyond the point where it will become my main source of income, I’d better pay more attention to the way I give my attention to my readers and clients.
There is verily no other way than connecting—one person at a time.

From Welfare to Bestseller Book Review

From Welfare to BestsellerThis is a beautiful story. It is of a family that has transformed from “working poor” through tragedy and poverty to success, with resourcefulness and entrepreneurship.

The main character is the author herself, but her husband is always in the background. They made this transformation as a family unit and that’s only one of the wonderful traits of this book, and of their story.

No Excuses
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Book Review: You Are a Writer

You Are a Writer review
I don’t have the words to properly describe awesomeness of this book. I don’t read much about writing. As a proper published author I think I’m perfect and nobody will tell me how should I write. Or do my business. It’s not their business to poke their noses into my business.

I’m so glad I decided to read You Are a Writer I was drawn straight into it from the Why Listen To Me? section at the beginning of the book. Once Jeff stopped covering theoretic pitiful creatures (wannabe writers) and started talking about himself, the book suddenly become deadly serious and deep.

Writers don’t write for the money.

I’m past my own struggles with my writer’s identity. I have nine books published and six more in various stages of completion. I’ve been writing every day since 23rd of September 2013. I think I’ll pass the 1 million words mark this year. But when Jeff took me to the beginnings of his career it was so raw and real I felt it in my bones. I thought: “Wow, I was in the same spot.” I was back in my own skin at the end of 2012 when I put my words ‘out there’ for the first time. I was back there when my short story was criticized on the big Science Fiction forum; I was once again rejected by a huge site in the last possible moment, literally a few days before publishing the article I had worked on for months.

I put the time in and showed up—and I saw results.

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Book Review: How to Work a Room

How to Work A Room reviewThis is a great textbook on working a room. On this particular subject it may be even THE ultimate textbook. Susan RoAne covered everything from exhibits via high school reunions to funeral services. Wow, what a tremendous experience! Susan was on schedule for more meetings than I changed diapers (and changed a lot of them).

But this is not some boring textbook which can substitute for a soothing lullaby. Not at all. This book is packed with both fun and interesting stories. Most of them came directly from Susan’s rich array of experiences. That makes the book far from the dreadful image of a textbook.

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61 Ways to Sell More Nonfiction Kindle Books

61 Ways to Sell More Nonfiction Kindle BooksTo me, this book is worth a thousand times more than its price

It’s not some figurative price. For every dollar I spent on “61 Ways to Sell More Nonfiction Kindle Books,” I earned at least $1,000 back.

I bought this book on the 4th of May 2013. On 4th, I had been polishing the final version and had wondered how the heck I should proceed from that point on. 22 more days passed before I published my first book on Kindle.

This purchase was the best thing that happened to me in 2013.

A few details about me, so you get the full picture:

  1. English is not my first language.
  2. I had no prior experience in writing and publishing (other than my masters thesis).
  3. I had no online presence and following whatsoever.
  4. I had no authority at all.

Then I got my hands on “61 Ways to Sell More Nonfiction Kindle Books” and the universe became crazy.

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Book Review: Exercise Every Day

The Essence of Common Sense

Exercise Every Day

This book is so down to earth, that you can smell the mud.

In a couple of places, it was its weakness. You shouldn’t use common sense against lazy bums who “are not motivated” or against “mental” cases (Mental Stumbling Blocks). Whoever expected a pep talk at these moments would have been disappointed. Scott’s answer is almost the same every time:

“Get real and grow up! Nobody will do the job for you. It’s your body and your exercises. On the ground and gimm’e 50!”

Well, maybe not exactly these words, but I’m apt at reading between the lines 😉
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Book review: Will the Real You Please Stand Up?

Will the Real You Please Stand Up?
Wow, this book spoke to me on so many levels that I could have written it myself. But who am I kidding? I don’t have such extensive experience and knowledge like Kim possesses.
The message of “Will The Real You Please Stand Up?” was definitely something close to my heart. I feel that authenticity means everything in the online world.
You could have dismissed her message saying that it’s naive, utopian, and that the guys with big bucks always win in the end.
However, I can’t say this. I started my first-ever online business in May 2013. I had zero knowledge, zero authority, zero skills, and no connections. But I was authentic. And I still am. My business continues to grows. I earned about $4.5k in 2014. Until the 28th of April 2015, I earned $5.9k. It works.
If a guy who hadn’t seen a webinar till November 2012 could do that, anybody can. It’s just enough to be yourself.
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Book Review: How to Find Peace

How to find peace
I’ll tell you how good this book is. It’s so good that when I came back to it to write down some quotes (and they hit me again like a ton of bricks) I finally decided:

“That’s it! I’m buying Kindle as soon as the next royalties come. I can’t afford reading such books without highlighting!”

I usually read on my old eReader device and use those reading sessions as speed reading practices. This is a short book; I’ve read it within less than an hour. But it’s precious. Don’t read it in a rush. This book should be contemplated sentence by sentence.

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